Our Story

Thanks for visiting us! Below you will discover how our company started and why we exist. It's a pretty interesting story.

How It All Started
It was a cool fall day back in 2017, and one of our co-founders, Chris, was outside for some fresh air and a bit of exercise. He had been contemplating a change of careers and always thought it would be neat to do something online.

The Questions
"What value could we provide others? What would we call it?" Were a few of the many questions circling around in his head. Becoming quickly overwhelmed, he decided to seek God's wisdom to find the answers...

Divine Inspiration
Spend any time around Chris, and you'd probably say, "He is a one of the most positive people I have ever met!" He hears this often and loves to encourage others. This is one of his spiritual gifts.

He wanted his Christian faith to shine through in whatever he decided to do because this is very important to him and his family. That's when it became clear and the name and the cause were revealed in his heart. He immediately told his wife along with the other founders and The Positive Christian was born.

Why We Exist
Today we exist to encourage your faith and relationships. We believe your life is only as good as your most important relationships, God first and family second.

We do this through inspirational products that share God's word, classic hymns and positive, heart-felt sayings. Many of our customers purchase to share as gifts with their family and friends. Some also love to wear our items as a subtle witnessing tool. We've heard some great testimonies and would love to hear yours!

Get Involved
We also have a great social community and would love it if you liked and followed us on Facebook and Instagram. We share daily and know you'll be encouraged after reading our posts!

Thanks for reading! Your friends at The Positive Christian. 😊 


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